Hello. I’ll be your tour guide for today.


share the wine you love

(and the grapes you'll never drink again)

Went on a wine tour last weekend? Brag to the world about that delicious Pinot. Or let us know about that Zinfandel to avoid.

The core of Grapeshare is in recording and rating wine. A digital wine journal, if you will. Give your wines 1-5 stars, upload photos, add a location, and tag with labels for easy classification.


discover new grapes

that you'll keep in your cellar forever

Our super smart system will suggest new wines for you to try based on those you rate. The more you rate and follow, the better we’ll know what you should uncork.


connect with friends

and meet new connoisseurs

Grapeshare makes it easy to share wine with your favorite people from Facebook, Twitter, and various other accounts. You can also invite your wine loving friends from your email address book.


uncork, pour, sip

and repeat as necessary

The more grapes you rate, the better recommendations you’ll get. And a better connoisseur you’ll become.

Invite your friends and they’ll know what to bring to your next dinner soiree. A better wine experience for everyone involved.


on your phone

to share what you drink while you drink

We’re working hard to launch mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Soon you’ll be able to upload and search for wines on the go.